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Re: Cretaceous Flora Illo Sources

> patg@vax2.concordia.ca (Pat Grant) writes:
> >[I need] information regarding population groups, size of the plants, or
> >>educated guesses about growth habits...Are there any non-specialist books
> >out >there which could provide a more digestible vision of [Cretaceous]
> >flora?
> Here are two good general sources for what ails you

    May I please add:

    Behrensmeyer, Anna K., et al., 1992. _Terrestrial Ecosystems through Time: 
Paleoecology of Terrestrial Palsn and Animals_. The University of Chicago 
Press. 568 pages. 
Paperback. (See especially Chapter 6: "Mesozoic and Early Cenozoic Terrestrial 
Ecosystems," by Scott L. Wing and Hans-Dieter Sues (and others), pages 326 - 


    Stewart, Wilson N., and Gar W. Rothwell. 1993 (second edition). 
_Paleobotany and the 
Evolution of Plants_. Cambridge University Press. xii + 521 pages.

-= Tuck =-