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While we're more or less still on the subject... has anybody actually compared
the anatomy and functional morphology of glyptodont clubs with those of

This is an interesting notion with quite some depth - it might throw more light
on the theoretical anti-predator function of clubs. Glyptodonts didn't have to
worry about giant theropods (but I suppose they were contemporaneous with
phorusrhacoids). In fact, why did they evolve clubs when the rest of their
armour was surely more than adequate to protect them from marauding marsupial
carnivores with whom they co-evolved?

Back to ankylosaurs.. are there any contemporaneous theropods with busted shins?
Surely such a find would be the smoking gun (*if* the cause of the damage could
be proved - and how the hell could you do that?).

"Tell me, if you're the superior lifeform how come you can't climb up here and
get me?"