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[joke] Re: [C4I-Pro] in defense of heirarchy

Dinosaur trivia from the C4I PRO list-TWC-:

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Subject: Re: [C4I-Pro] in defense of heirarchy
Author:  "Tom Zmudzinski" <zmudzint@ncr.disa.mil> at smtp-fhu
Date:    22/02/1996 0910

"Tom Zmudzinski" <zmudzint@ncr.disa.mil>

On the evening after the day before (2/21/96 7:54 PM), 
Parker Vetrano <jpv@sappho.rl.af.mil> posted:
> Parting shot:  One of you defenders of the heirarchy [sic] referred to himself
> as a dionsaur [sic].  Be careful.  We all know what happened to dinosaurs.

  Yeah, they only prospered for about 90 million years, survived 
  the mass extinction at the end of the Jurassic[*], and produced 
  the largest amounts of dung in the history of the planet.  8{Q


  [*] They may've bilged it at the end of the Cretaceous, but 
  dinosaurs survived at least one "Time of Great Dying".