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WARNING: speculation ahead.

>Back to ankylosaurs.. are there any contemporaneous theropods with busted 
>Surely such a find would be the smoking gun (*if* the cause of the damage could
>be proved - and how the hell could you do that?).

While we're at it, one could check other ankylosaur skeletons for possible club 

As far as the theropods are concerned, the damage made by an ankylosaur club
could be demonstrated by a shin bone that has been smashed on the outer edge by
a strong lateral blow.  One might also check a theropod skull for similar damage
(expected if the theropod leaned forward, and caught one on the chin).

To go out on a limb (and I think I hear it snapping), could any of the damage
reported in Sue be ankylosaur damage?  Could the damage seen in the skull be
the result of a well timed club blow (I forget, is the head damage pulled out
or pushed in)?


"Don't Panic."