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Peter Larsen

Hello all, 

Well I've been a wall flower in this group long enough. I'm a relatively
new (or should I say resurrected ) dinosaur enthusiast. So I've enjoyed 
quietly attending this list, listening and learning.

The reason for the post is to see if any of you have heard the news of
Pete Larsen beginning his two year stretch in jail. The New York Times
-- quote:

" Although the felony charge that Larsen had been convicted of had to
do with carrying currency between the United States and two foreign
countries, the object of the prosecutors was to strike at unauthorized
fossil collecting on federal land and an international; trade in
fossils that involves millions of dollars a year "

End quote.

I'm curious to get your take on this. Also, how do think this will
effect The Fossil Preservation Act (HR-2943) if at all. I noticed Jeff
Poling has posted the bill on his page, if you have not yet seen it.

While I personally think that Pete was not acting as professional and
diplomatic as he should have been, I feel that his sentence is
extreme. Especially given that he has been sent to Colorado to serve
time, making it difficult for family ( A wife and two children) and
friends to pay visits.

What's you take on the situation?

Adam Trenholm
The Stone Company
Museum Quality Fossils & Specimens