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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #39

The Nessov dinosaur monograph has arrived, so here is a summary
of the taxonomy in it (didn't turn out to be as lengthy as I thought):

Nessov, Lev Alexandrovich, 1995. _Dinozavri severnoi Yevrasii:
Novye dannye o sostave kompleksov, ekologii i paleobiogeografii_
[_Dinosaurs of Northern Eurasia: new data about assemblages,
ecology and paleobiogeography_], Scientific Research Institute of
the Earth's Crust, St. Petersburg State University, St.
Petersburg, Russia: 156 pp. + 14 pl. [in Russian with short
English, German, and French abstracts].

I. New genera and species, and new combinations

     pp. 40-41: _Archaeornithomimus(?) bissektensis_ sp. nov.
     Holotype: TsNIGR museum [Central Geological Museum of St.
     Petersburg] #479/12457, right ilium from Dzhira-Khuduk,
     Uzbekistan; Coniacian, middle section of Bissekt Formation
     (Bissektiyskaya Svita: source of species name); differs in
     detail from the corresponding element of _Archaeornithomimus
     asiaticus_ // Theropoda, Ornithomimidae

     pp. 41-43: _Troodon asiamericanus_ sp. nov.
     Holotype: TsNIGR museum #49/12176, tooth from the northern
     border of Sheykhdzheyli, Uzbekistan; lower Cenomanian, upper
     part of Khodzhakul Formation (Khodzhakul'skaya Svita);
     originally illustrated by Nessov as _Pectinodon
     asiamericanus_ Nessov, 1985 _nomen nudum_ [Note: I would
     object to referring this kind of material to American
     genera, especially when an Asian genus, _Saurornithoides_ is
     available. The differences between the type tooth and teeth
     of _Saurornithoides mongoliensis_ are no greater than the
     differences between the type tooth and teeth of _Troodon
     formosus_.] // Theropoda, Bullatosauria, Troodontidae

     p. 43: _Troodon isfarensis_ sp. nov.
     Holotype: TsNIGR museum #484/12457, incomplete left frontal
     from Kyzyl-pilyal', Tadzhikistan; lower Santonian, lower
     part of Yalovach Formation (Yalovachskaya Svita), locality
     Isfar II (hence the species name) [Note: Objection for above
     also applies here. The material could well be referable to
     _Saurornithoides_ rather than _Troodon_.] // Theropoda,
     Bullatosauria, Troodontidae

     pp. 44: _Euronychodon asiaticus_ sp. nov.
     Holotype: TsNIGR museum #9/12454, tooth from Dzhira-Khuduk,
     Uzbekistan; Coniacian, middle section of Bissekt Formation
     (Bissektiyskaya Svita); resembles type teeth of
     _Paronychodon_ and _Euronychodon portucalensis_ in having
     one flat side (lingual) and one convex side // Theropoda
     _incertae sedis_

     pp. 45-46: _Asiamericana asiatica_ gen. & sp. nov.
     Etymology of genus: From the continent Asiamerica,
     considered to have been a single land mass during the
     Holotype: Three teeth, unnumbered, differing from one
     another in size by factors of 2 and 3, from the Coniacian of
     Kyzyl-Kum; other, undescribed, species referable to this
     genus may be based on similar teeth from the Santonian to
     lower Campanian of Kazakhstan; very tentatively referred to
     Spinosauridae (i.e., Saurischia _incertae sedis_,
     Theropoda?, Spinosauridae?), but the possibility cannot be
     excluded that the teeth may belong to saurodontid fish(!)

     pp. 47-48, 51-52: _Bactrosaurus kyzylkumensis_ comb. nov.
     Originally _Cionodon kyzylkumense_ Riabinin, 1931 (emended
     to _Cionodon kyzylkumensis_ by Weishampel & Horner in _The
     Lectotype: TsNIGR museum #1/3760, a dorsal vertebra from
     upper Turonian or Coniacian, Dzhira-Khuduk, Uzbekistan,
     Bissekt Formation (Bissektiyskaya Svita); maxilla,
     vertebrae, and a tooth are also referable to this species //
     Ornithopoda, Lambeosauridae (_sic_: called a subfamily in
     the text)

     pp. 48-49: _Gilmoreosaurus atavus_ sp. nov.
     Holotype: TsNIGR museum #576/12457, a tooth from
     Khodzhakul', Karakalpakistan; upper Albian, lower or middle
     section of the Khodzhakul' Formation (Khodzhakul'skaya
     Svita); about 10 teeth, all quite small for a hadrosaurid,
     are referable to this species (_atavus_: "great-great-
     grandfather," referring to its relationship to other
     duckbilled dinosaurs); referred to _Gilmoreosaurus_
     tentatively // Ornithopoda, Hadrosauridae, Hadrosaurinae

     pp. 49-51: _Gilmoreosaurus arkhangelskyi_ sp. nov.
     Holotype: TsNIGR museum #664/12457, left frontal from upper
     Turonian or Coniacian, Dzhira-Khuduk, Uzbekistan, lower
     section of Bissekt Formation (Bissektiyskaya Svita);
     referred material includes a parietal, braincase, maxilla,
     dentary, predentary, atlas and epistropheus, vertebrae,
     sacrum, and scapulae; species name honors geologist A. D.
     Arkhangelsky; authors of taxon cited as Nessov & Kaznyshkina
     // Ornithopoda, Hadrosauridae, Hadrosaurinae

     pp. 52-54: _Kulceratops kulensis_ gen. & sp. nov.
     Etymology of genus: "kul'," Uzbekistani for "lake," and the
     usual "ceratops"
     Holotype: TsNIGR museum #495/12457, a left maxilla with
     anterior portion broken away, from Khodzhakul',
     Karakalpakistan; upper Albian, lower or middle section of
     the Khodzhakul' Formation (Khodzhakul'skaya Svita); species
     name, like the generic name, from Khodzhakul' locality; a
     small ceratopian referred to Protoceratopidae (as
     Protoceratopsidae) _incertae sedis_ that differs from
     _Asiaceratops_ in tooth count and overall morphology; Nessov
     considered it the oldest-known protoceratopid

II. New taxa attributed to other authors that may actually be
     nomina nuda

     p. 49: _Gilmoreosaurus kyzylkumense_, combination attributed
     to Nessov, 1989 (should be emended to _Gilmoreosaurus
     kyzylkumensis_), originally _Cionodon kyzylkumense_
     Riabinin, 1931; material previously referred to this taxon
     by Nessov (1989) is removed to _Gilmoreosaurus

     p. 110: _Amurosaurus riabinini_ Bolotsky & Kurzanov with no
     date and noted as a _nomen nudum_, in faunal list for the
     southern part of the city Blagoveshchensk, Amur Province,
     Russia; lower section of Tsagayan Formation (Tsagayanskaya
     Svita), middle Maastrichtian // Ornithopoda, Hadrosauridae,
     Lambeosaurinae; this is apparently first publication of this
     name, because Bolotsky & Kurzanov's article has not yet
     appeared, but the name may have appeared previously in a
     two-page paper by Bolotsky (1990) cited by Nessov

     Numerous weirdly named ootaxa and ichnotaxa are cited. Here
     is a list (the dates and authors are as given in the text; I
     have not checked them against the original references, and I
     don't maintain lists of these; some may thus simply be
     citations rather than attributions):
     _Elongatoolithus_ Zhao, 1975, and family Elongatoolithidae
     _Dinosauriovum_ Vialov, 1975
     _Grumuliovum_ Vialov, 1986 (subgenus of _Dinosauriovum_)
     _Ornatiovum_ Vialov, 1986 (subgenus of _Dinosauriovum_)
     _Brontozoum tianschanicum_ Romanovsky, 1882
     _Ravatichnus kotshnevi_ Gabuniya & Kurbatov, 1988
     _Gabirutosaurus tianschanicus_ (Romanovsky, 1882) Gabuniya &
          Kurbatov, 1988
     _Gabirutosaurichnus_ Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     Carnosauropodidae Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     _Coelurosaurichnus romanovskyi_ Gabuniya & Kurbatov, 1988
     _Ravatosauropus rozhdestvenskyi_ Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     _Camptosauropus vialovi_ Gabuniya & Kurbatov, 1988
     _Shirkentosauropus shirkentensis_ Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     _Regarosauropus manovi_ Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     _Microsauropus tursunzadei_ Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     _Megalosauropus_ Gabuniya & Kurbatov, 1988
     _Kharkushsauropus kharkushensis_ Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     Iguanodontopodidae Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     _Turkmenosaurus kugitangensis_ Amanniazov, 1985
     _Chodjapileosaurus krimholzii_ Amanniazov, 1985
     _Gissarosaurus tetraphalangensis_ Amanniazov, 1985
          (?segnosaur prints)
     _Megalosauropus uzbekistanicus_ Gabuniya & Kurbatov, 1982
          (or 1988?)
     _Satapliasaurus tschabukianii_ Gabuniya, 1951
     _Satapliasauropus tschabukianii_ (Gabuniya, 1951) Dzhalilov
          & Novikov, 1993(?)
     _Satapliasaurus dsocenidzei_ Gabuniya, 1951
     _Satapliasaurus kandelakii_ Gabuniya, 1951
     _Sathapliasaurus_ Gabuniya, 1956
     _Dakotosaurus_ Haubold, 1971
     _Macropodosaurus gravis_ Zakharov, 1964
     _Macropodosauropus_ Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     Megalosauropodidae Vialov, 1987
     _Kafirniganosauropus_ cited as n. gen. but noted as a _nomen
          nudum_ lacking a type species in the text; no
          attribution supplied
     _Chorrokhsauropus khakimovi_ Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     _Akmechetosauropus makhamovi_ Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     Hadrosauropodidae Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     _Babatagosauropus bulini_ Dzhalilov & Novikov, 1993
     _Gumatagichnus_ (=_Bipartipes_) _unguliformes_ Gabuniya,
          Kurbatov & Sennikov, 1988
III. Synonymies and other systematics miscellanea

     p. 11: _Chilantaisaurus tashuikouensis_ is tentatively
     synonymized with _Alectrosaurus olseni_

     p. 26: _Arstanosaurus akkurganensis_ is specifically
     referred to family Ceratopidae [Ceratopsidae _sic_]

     pp. 26-27: _Turanoceratops tardabilis_ is specifically
     referred to family Ceratopidae

     pp. 86, 87: _Chilantaisaurus_ is tentatively referred to as
     a segnosaur

     p. 90: the _nomen nudum_ "Gadrosaurus" Schultz, 1972 appears
     in a faunal list; the paper by Schultz is one page long, in
     Russian; the name is applied to miscellaneous hadrosaurid
     teeth and vertebrae and is probably a simple misspelling of

     p. 101: _Procheneosaurus convincens_ is referred to as
     _Corythosaurus convincens_, a combination attributed to
     Maryanska & Osmolska, 1984, but that exact name is not used
     there; the first usage of _Corythosaurus convincens_ seems
     to be an anonymous 1992 Japanese dinosaur exhibition
     guidebook (if someone can double check M & O reference--on
     _Saurolophus angustirostris_, I'd be grateful)

     p. 111: _Orthomerus weberi_ is formally emended to
     _Orthomerus weberae_, evidently because the species honoree,
     G. F. Weber, was female

IV. New material in established taxa

     pp. 36-38: Teeth, ungual phalanges, and penultimate
     phalanges, proximal and distal portions of scapulae,
     vertebrae, and possibly a basisphenoid and a frontal, all
     referred to Segnosauria indet.; upper Turonian or Coniacian,
     Dzhira-Khuduk, Uzbekistan; the teeth resemble those of
     _Erlikosaurus andrewsi_ but have less backwardly inclined
     tips; the basisphenoid is markedly pneumaticized; generally
     represents a taxon distinct from _Segnosaurus_,
     _Erlikosaurus_, and probably _Enigmosaurus_

     pp. 38-39: Fragment of maxilla, teeth, ilium, vertebra,
     tarsus, ungual phalanges, all referred to _Alectrosaurus_
     sp.; upper Turonian or Coniacian, central Kyzyl-Kum

     p. 40: Ilium referred to _Tarbosaurus_ sp.; Santonian or
     lower Campanian, northeast cis-Aralia [not cis-Urals]

     p. 41: Two ilia referred to Theropoda indet.; from an animal
     the size of _Alectrosaurus_

     p. 52: Holotype of _Asiaceratops salsopaludalis_ is noted as
     TsNIGR museum #9/12457, a left maxilla from Khodzhakul',
     Karakalpakistan; upper Albian, lower or middle section of
     the Khodzhakul' Formation (Khodzhakul'skaya Svita)

     pp. 54-57: _Turanoceratops tardabilis_ is referred to family
     Ceratopidae (as Ceratopsidae), subfamily Centrosaurinae;
     holotype is noted as TsNIGR museum #251/12457, a left
     maxilla, with teeth, and anterior, dorsal, and posterior
     portions broken away; referred material includes teeth,
     predentary, the medial portion of parietal, squamosals,
     nasal and supraorbital horn cores, braincase, vertebrae, and
     probable distal portion of scapula

V. Misspellings (for aficionados only)

     p. 11: _Therizinosaurus cheloniformes_
     p. 37: _Segnosaurus galbiensis_ (already exists)
     p. 55: _Eucenrosaurus_
     p. 86: _Chiayasaurus_ (already exists)
     p. 104: _Bactrosaurus prinadai_
     p. 107: _Lophorothon_ (already exists)
     p. 152 (in index): _Amurosaurus riabininii_
     p. 153 (in index): _Turkmenosaurus kigitangensis_

     Surprisingly few, considering that this is a very large work
     published in Russian.

VI. Genera added to the Dinosaur Genera List:

_Amurosaurus_ Bolotsky & Kurzanov vide Nessov, 1995 [nomen nudum]
_Asiamericana_ Nessov, 1995
_Kulceratops_ Nessov, 1995

Genera count increases to 779