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Paleopathology Bibliography Project Homepage

 Information on the annotated paleopathology bibliography project has now
been on the Internet for a few weeks, but is still not formally listed by
the various search engines (takes up to a month). However, it can be
accessed through my server by doing the following:

 1. Type:   http://dns.magtech.ab.ca
 2. Click on box in the bottom right hand corner ("About Drumheller")
 3. Now click on blue-colored word "Sciences"
 4. Now click on blue-colored words "Paleopathology Bibliography......."

  Once formally listed, I'm told the full URL will be:       

 I've been senior editor on this project since its beginnings in April,
1990. Essentially, the project deals with tooth and bone pathology of
extinct and extant vertebrates (domestic animals and modern Man excepted)
and a wide assortment of related topics and subtopics. 9300 citations have
been accounted for, with many more still to enter. We could use some help if
anyone out there is interested in participating. The homepage does not
contain the actual bibliography, but provides detailed information on the
bibliography project:
 1. There is a popular article on healing cranial wounds and implied
intraspecific face-biting behavior in the Late Jurassic theropod SINRAPTOR.
 2. Details of the project (past and present histories) and future goals are
presented, along with requests of assistance from any readers/collegues out
there who could help us out in a variety of ways.
 3. There is a SINRAPTOR drawing by western Canadian paleo-artist Michael
Skrepnick, as well as some information and personal comments from him.
 4. There is also a link to the Royal Tyrrell Museum homepage (which I've
heard may be going offline again soon and relaunched from a different
server- I'll let you all know the new URL when this happens).
  I hope to eventually include some color photographs of the more
interesting pathological dinosaur bones in our collections, and provide
links to other paleopathology or pathology homepages.

 Please give the homepage a look and let me know what you think.

 Thanks, Darren Tanke

 Darren Tanke, Technician I, Dinosaur Research Program, Royal Tyrrell Museum
of Palaeontology, Box 7500, Drumheller, AB, Canada T0J 0Y0. (403) 823-7707;
(403) 823-7131 (fax). Paleo Interests: fossil identification, collection and
preparation, centrosaurine ceratopsians, Upper Cretaceous vertebrate faunas
of North America and East Asia, paleopathology; senior editor on annotated
bibliography of extinct/extant vertebrate dental pathology, osteopathy and
related topics (9,300 entries as of Feb. 7, 1996).