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Thanks for so many friendly responses so quickly!
A few comments, replies, and suggestions.

1. It's really a waste of time to Email me "you forgot XXXXX"
unless you give me the info (title, subscription price, format,
address, details).
If I knew about that journal, it would already be there.

2. The list is a mix of "professional journals", "popular magazines",
and "newsletters". There is really no point in separating it into
three separate lists as someone trying to find a journal needs
to just look down the list (which is in alphabetical order) rather
than keep checking separate lists.
I will make an effort to note which category each one is in.

3. Remember that you guys with PhDs in Paleontology already know
more than my list can ever tell you; the list is primarily for fans
and amateurs who want to know where to find more info. For that
reason, I don't plan to list anything not available in English.
If someone else wants to do a list of the foreign-language pubs,

4. If you have a copy of a journal not on the list and want to
send me that information, please do, but please send all of it,
size, number of pages, does it have photos, etc?

I'll begin the "regular" postings on 1 March. Thanks again for
all the help, and a hearty "you are welcome" to everyone who sent
their thanks for it.--SVC