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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #40

(1) In my previous posting (#39) the species names

_kyzylkumense_ and _kyzylkumensis_

should _everywhere_ have been spelled:

_kysylkumense_ and _kysylkumensis_ (this is how they always appear in the
monograph, and is the correct spelling)

Substituting z for s in these names is a _really easy_ spelling error to
make, let me tell you!

(2) I have no "official" English translation of the name of the institution
where Nessov's material is kept. The name provided in the paper is
"University of Sankt-Petersburg, Institute of Earth Crust," but this seems
totally inapt. In Russian the full name reads as follows:
"Sankt-Peterburgskiy Gosudarstvenniy Universitet, Nauchno-issledovatel'skiy
Institut Zemnoi Kory." This translates into "St. Petersburg State University,
Institute for Scientific Research on the Earth's Crust." I'll stick with this
until/unless someone comes up with a more compact phrasing.

(3) _Gilmoreosaurus atavus_ is listed as _Gilmoreosaurus(?) atavus_. I should
have left the question mark in there.

(4) In reading the opening section on ancestral segnosaurs as small arboreal
insectivores (consuming wasps of the subfamilies Vespinae and Polystinae), I
found the paleobotanical change _Celliforma favosites_ into the genus
_Desertiana_ as _Desertiana favosites_. He doesn't list _Desertiana_ as a new
genus, and since I know zip about paleobotany, I can't comment meaningfully
on this, just report it.