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Re: cretaceous landscapes

Pat Grant is looking for good books showing creatceous
One was already mentioned: Horner/Lessem "The complete T-Rex",
it has a very good description of cretaceous landscpaes, plants
et al.
There are two other books I really like when I want to
imageine how cretaceous landscapes looked like:
- Dale Russell: an odyssee in time, dinosaurs of North America
(very good paintings by Eleanor kish, maps of North America,
covering the time from Triassic to Cretaceous and picutres of
todays landscapes comparable with those of the mesocoic -
for the creatceous for example the swamps of Florida and
-Czerkas/Czerkas "Dinosaurier" (sorry, I only know the
german title, it's a huge book with phantastic pictures by
well known artists, Doug Henderson for example. They
explain the different landscapes of the mesocoic too,
it's quite good)

Klaus Richter