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Re: Airfish! (absurdity)

>     "Dr. Scheinman and three colleagues from the Biogenetic Institute of 
>Geneva developed the promising new fish under a grant from the World 
>Health Orgnaization.  The scientists genetically modified a puffer or 
>blowfish (Plectognathi), making it possible for the fish to take oxygen 
>directly from the air instead of using its mouth and gills to extract it 
>from the water.
>     "Their object was to develop a meaty, tasty fish that could live in 
>badly polluted water, but they ended up with something even better than 
>that: They created a fish that could live in the air!

>Norman R. King

Science marches on, at least in supermarket checkout lanes.  Of course the
most interesting part of the story has been omitted - namely how the
genetecists dealt with the fact that many puffers are, in fact, deadly
poisonous (unless prepared with extreme care, as for the famous fugu fish in
Japan), producing a virulent poison called tetraodotoxin or something like
that.  Perhaps this is really intended as a population control measure?
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