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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #39

In a message dated 96-02-25 17:23:59 EST, pharrinj@PLU.edu (Nicholas J.
Pharris) writes:

>> III. Synonymies and other systematics miscellanea
>>      p. 11: _Chilantaisaurus tashuikouensis_ is tentatively
>>      synonymized with _Alectrosaurus olseni_
>This is the type species, as I recall, no?  If the pedal material is 
>anything like the way it is illustrated in _The Dinosauria_, then there 
>is no way this is _Alectrosaurus_, or any other tyrannosaurid.
>Looks much more like an allosaur or an outsized ornitholestian.
>>      pp. 86, 87: _Chilantaisaurus_ is tentatively referred to as
>>      a segnosaur
>Are they talking about _"C." maortuensis_ here?

Nessov was pretty vague about the segnosaurian nature of _Chilantaisaurus_,
merely suggesting it may be a segnosaur based on the size and shape of the
large manual ungual. He doesn't mention _C. maortuensis_. He based his
statement, it seems, on the segnosaur forelimb and other material (vertebrae)
referred to _Alectrosaurus olseni_ as described in Mader & Bradley, 1989. In
which case he cannot _really_ be synonymizing the two taxa, because the
lectotype of _Alectrosaurus_ is the tyrannosaurid hind limb. So, maybe the
_C. tashuikouensis_ claw doesn't belong with the rest of the material, which
seems to be some kind of theropod, not segnosaurian.

Nessov noted quite a few segnosaur elements in his faunal lists, ranging from
Upper Jurassic into the Upper Cretaceous, but few of these are illustrated.
He may well be right, but people are going to be questioning his
identifications for a while.