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Where are all the dino-l posts? I have a mailbox with about 100 messages on
restriction of chumming activities off the US coast... but bugger all else.

Anyway, George posted this on Feb 3rd, only now do I have the chance to catch
up with it...

> <<Many birds I've seen described as "enantiornithines" appear to
> be just a serially derived bunch of outgroups between
> _Archaeopteryx_ and modern birds.>>
> Our own Dave Peters (DPterosaur) has obligingly listed 17
> enantiornithan (not necessarily enantiornithine) synapomorphies
> (MAPS Digest 17(4) EXPO XVI Edition, 1994: 30, where they're
> only numbered 1-16). Print and save:

I've obviously deleted the synapomorphy list. Point is, the Dave Peters that
wrote this _is not_ 'our' dpterosaur David Peters. Just thought I should point
that out.


Mikiel kindly posted the citation for the description of _Ampelosaurus atacis_,
but unfortunately didn't know the vol. no. - the useful bit! If anyone has it
kicking around, please tell me. Thanks.

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