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I hand wrote a letter the old fashioned way to my station in San Francisco. I
discovered that you can get the E-mail  address of your local station at

This is the letter that I wrote to my station. It can't hurt to write
something. Even if you post a message on one of NBC message boards.

          February 26, 1996

1001 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, California


In one hour Sunday night NBC and Charlton Heston orchestrated a major set
back to the study of Paleontology and  Paleoanthropology. Disregarding a vast
body of knowledge showing the validity of organic evolution, which Mr. Heston
incorrectly defined,  the documentary about human origins grossly misled the
general viewer in so many ways that I find myself speechless, not knowing
whether to laugh or cry. 

The basic laws of faunal succession and evolution were discovered in the 19th
Century. It was determined that rock layers contained within them the remains
of organisms that have lived on earth. These are the fossils. It was also
determined that each rock group contains its own unique assemblage of
fossils. Dinosaurs and humans are like oil and water. They don't mix.
Dinosaurs predated humans by 60 million years. No one has ever found dinosaur
and human remains in the same age rock. No human footprints have ever been
demonstrated to exist with dinosaur tracks. If you beat  the bushes hard
enough I'm sure you will be able to find an "expert" that will almost say

The supposed "mantracks"   near Glen Rose, Texas are due to:
              1. Forgeries
              2. Erosion of dinosaur tracks
      3. Vague prints made by dinosaurs in the underlying substrate a
         few inches below the surface  they walked on.  When these are
         exposed  to our view they look like questionable prints.
I invite NBC to make a documentary about dinosaur tracks and to invite and
interview the geologists who have spent most of their life studying them. For
a start I suggest Professor  Martin Lockley  of the University of Colorado
Dinosaur Trackers Research group, assuming he is amenable. 
B. Aarons, Professor paleontology, geology...San  Mateo, Cal.