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REALLY fast theropods?

In the aftermath of my JVP paper on how fast Tyrannosaurus could go,
I find myself in an indirect debate with Bob Bakker on the subject, via a
     Bakker claims that there is (are) Trinity age trackway(s) of a
"relative" of Tyrannosaurus from Oklahoma that suggest that the trackmaker(s)
was(were) charging along at some 40 miles/hour.  I responded that I'd never
heard of them, to which Bakker replied that they are very well known.
     For the life of me I can't think of what he's referring to--unless
he's thinking of my F6 Ranch site in Texas, where I had trails suggesting
running speeds of 40 kilometers/hour.
     I would think that trackway evidence of dinosaurs moving at 70 or 80
km/hr would have received so much attention that everybody'd have heard of
it.  So is there something important that I've missed?