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"Origins of Man"

Here's my letter on the subject.

>From:Robert.J.Meyerson@uwrf.edu (Rob Meyerson)
>Subject:"Origins of Man"
>I am a paleontologist by trade, and I am shocked by the decision of your
 network to run the "Origins of Man" program.  This pseudo-science piece of
 fiction was filled with twisted facts, forgeries, and just plain lies.  It
 does not reflect well on the quality of NBC for the obvious support of this
 kind of trash.
>The quality of education in this country is in bad shape, and the decision
 of your network to run the program has done little to alter this condition.
  By spreading pro-creationist lies, and in the attempt of presenting them
 as legitimate science, NBC has jepardized any credibility it has in
 presenting any form of information.  Running the program was simply inexcus
>As a Christian, I object on theological grounds for running "Origins of
 Man."  By playing the program, NBC has given voice to only one branch of
 Christianity.  The reality is that very few of us Christians have any
 problem with the TRUTH of evolution.  By catering to the religious right,
 NBC has isolated the majority of Christians, in the attempt to appease a
 vocal and abrasive minority.  Again, this does not reflect well on the
 quality of the network as a whole.  What is next, a program on how the Sun
 orbits the Earth???
>It is my hope that NBC will correct the faults it has made by allowing real
 and legitimate paleontologists to have their say.  I hope that NBC will
 salvage it's credibility by allowing the true scientists to show the truth
 in this matter, for the truth has been clouded and mocked by "Origins of
 Man."  The truth is that creationism has no place in the 1990's, and by
 legitimizing creationism NBC has brought America closer to the stone age
 than to the space age.
>A concerned American,
>Robert J. Meyerson