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In a message dated 96-02-27 11:13:57 EST, dwn194@soton.ac.uk (Darren Naish)

>> Our own Dave Peters (DPterosaur) has obligingly listed 17
>> enantiornithan (not necessarily enantiornithine) synapomorphies
>> (MAPS Digest 17(4) EXPO XVI Edition, 1994: 30, where they're
>> only numbered 1-16). Print and save:
>I've obviously deleted the synapomorphy list. Point is, the Dave Peters that
>wrote this _is not_ 'our' dpterosaur David Peters. Just thought I should
>point that out.

Sure it is. Dave even sent me a set of skeletal silhouettes that he drew for
the article. Being from St. Louis, Dave is a member in good standing (as far
as I know) of MAPS, the Mid-America Paleontology Society.