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Hello and g'day from Australia.
> Nessov noted quite a few segnosaur elements in his faunal lists, ranging from
> Upper Jurassic into the Upper Cretaceous, but few of these are illustrated.
> He may well be right, but people are going to be questioning his
> identifications for a while.

While on the subject of segnosaurians - WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY?  Since 
their discovery (what - ?twenty years ago) they've been regarded as 
(1) aberrant theropods, (2) relicts of a prosauropod-ornithischian 
transition, (3) saurischians close to sauropodomorphs.  Now, as I 
understand it, segnosaurians are regarded as advanced 
coelurosaurians, with even a few bird-like characters found in the 
braincase.  What's the consensus on the Segnosauria?  (Is there 
one??)  These critters fascinate me.

Tim Williams