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Feedback to NBC

NBC should hang their collective heads at their shameful shoveling out 
of "facts" and "evidence" without so much as hinting at the other side 
of the coin. 

NBC also has a list, somewhat like the Dinosaur list. I have responded 
back to NBC about their programming on two occasions. Both times I have 
received a reply from a real human being. It sounded to me that they 
were really appreciative to receive my input. A point that was hinted at 
is that they value internet feedback because as computer literate (ha!) 
citizens they assume us to be somewhat above average in personal income. 
Advertisers love to get feedback from those more likely to buy their 

Write to these people. Complaints are OK, but what would be better is to 
tell them of the great programming opportunities to be had by airing a 
rebuttal. Ask them to tell the real and fascinating story of the human 
ascent from the equator.

I can't guarantee responses on such a flammable issue, but another place 
to send mail is...