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Re: NBC Strikes Again!


I guess some of us panic because the study of fossils and especially human
origins has always played second fiddle or a bridesmaid to physics,
chemistry. Physicists and  chemists have always been able to ply their trade
without too much hassle, while us guys are constantly hassled by people who
deny their origins. For example, No one ever scolds a physicist that it is
unreliable to say that aurora lights come a day after solar activity there
fore the solar activity caused the aurora. But if we say that fish led to
amphibeans.. to reptiles..to mammals.. to humans etc people come down on us.
Human self denial and belief in myths is very very powerful, and can be very

Remember, history is  riddled with crazies getting into power and  suppresing
science because it  (science) leads to dissent and   awareness. Remember, if
our side of the issue gets out and becomes general knowledge an awful lot of
people are going to be out of work. Also, it bothers me that these
tight-lipped  types  do not have a good natured ability to take criticism
(which is also shared by a lot of scientists). 

If the intolerant fanatic fringe gets into power ...look out. College courses
in palmistry, flying saucers, astrology, Noah's flood etc etc will be
required general ed. classes. 

I know this sounds like heresy but I think all people who teach courses in
paleo, paleoanthropology etc should buy the video and show at least the part
dealing with dinosaurs and "mantracks". Let them analyze and then put in your
 analysis. I expect to buy it and try to fit it into the paleo this semester.
If we bury our heads in the sand one morning we will wake up and find
ourselves like old Giordano Bruno of the 16 th Century.. burning at the old
In case anyone wants to buy it (I don't get royalties) the number to call is

Bernie..San  Mateo, Cal.