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>The supposed "mantracks"   near Glen Rose, Texas are due to:
>              1. Forgeries
>              2. Erosion of dinosaur tracks
>      3. Vague prints made by dinosaurs in the underlying substrate a
>         few inches below the surface  they walked on.  When these are
>         exposed  to our view they look like questionable prints.

I attended an AAPG national conference in Dallas in 1981.  One of the field
trips was to the Glen Rose site.  The trip leader, a prof from UT as I
recall, demonstrated how they were partially eroded and/or partially formed
tracks.  He pried up a track and we were able to see the cross section
sediment patterns.  Imagine if you will, a bird-like foot of of a swimming
dino which barely reaches the soft bottom of a body of water.  What do you
get?  The imprint of the center toe looking something like (only if you
squint really hard and lots of beer helps) a human foot print.  At that time
(summer of '81) a religious organization was financing the excavation and
related research as an effort to demonstrate creationism was a testable
theory like evolution.  I remember reading some time thereafter (months to a
few years) that the project was abandoned and the group admited they were
NOT human tracks.  

The lesson here is that it's hard to kill a myth.  Constant vigilance is the
price of democracy (or somthing very much like that) T. Jefferson.  

I someone is interested in the specifics of the trip or its leaders, let me
know.  I'll try to find the field guide in my reference library (read boxes
in my garage).

Joe Sabel coasti@ccnet.com