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Re: NBC Strikes Again!

In a message dated 96-02-28 10:25:57 EST, you write:

>Why does everyone panic over TV programs like this one.  The networks have 
>been offering drivel like this for years.
>The big three have lost close to thirty percent of their audience in the 
>last twenty years.  They are being marginalized.  This is just a pathetic 
>attempt to grab audience share.  It won't work.  Don't make it more 
>significant than it is by overreacting.  The religious right doesn't need 
>any more ammunition than it already has.
>Jerry Straut

I agree with Jerry here. To put things in as POLITE political terms as
possible, nearly everyone regardless of their political orientation knows
that many conservatives (myself included) consider the mass media to be
biased as hell (not in our favor either). Now  they have alienated moderates
and even liberals with the trash they continually bombard us  and our kids
with. This is why their audience has dropped off.  IMO, the media has
resorted to marginalizing a chosen victim, group etc, and then create
controversey by feeding lies to both sides of the issue. Witness the glee
with which the media displayed during but espacially aftter the OJ case
ended! Witness the ratings jump caused by Alien Autopsy! Now this crap called
Human Origins is yet another attempt to make gladiators of the audience that
remains to watch this stuff. To me this is the same baiting and switching
tactic used by such paragons of journalistic excellence as Donahue, Sally
Jessey, Rikki Lake etc, etc.!

See. We have a common enemy!

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies