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Society and science

        Did anyone happen to see FRONTLINE on PBS Tuesday night. It epitomized 
the warped view of mainstream America in regards to scientific study. It was 
about women who were suing Dow Corning over "illnesses" caused by silicone from 
their breast implants. The juries disregarded (at least) 2 independent studies 
done by the Mayo Clinic and Harvard U. both published in the New England Journ. 
of Med. Three credible, respected instituitions!!! When they reported NO 
connection between silicone and auto-immune diseases, the claimants accused 
of being on the take from Dow Corning. How absurd is that??!!
        I was so disheartened to hear how people just disregarded the good 
scientific evidence because it didn't corroborate their stories. 
        I feel that is a result of the poor science education in the recent 
past. People were just not taught the processes of research, etc. Now they have 
no basis to judge in an objective way. They make decisions based on their 
emotions alone.
        I'm afraid the country is in serious trouble if American society 
continues to function in this way. What happened to leaving science to the 
experts? Oh yeah, everyone's an expert...