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Re: Society and science

As ascience educated lawyer and now a corporate president, my view is not
that the problem is with science or the public, but with how science is
abused and distorted by those who would twist results for their own purposes.
We all know that very credible and well educated people hold differring views
on various subjects and in the science world we accept that.  The rest of the
world expects science to have solid and firm answers, which are rare.  One
only need look at the unsettled view of the universe (or multiple universes)
held by the physicists working with quantum field physics etc.  You can find
Nobel laureate physicists on differing sides of the issue.

This is very disconcerting to the public.  In the situation in the O. J.
Simpson case I have heard the pudits say the jury disregared the scientific
evidence.  I watched much of the case and I would not have given most of the
scientific evidence much credence either - not because the science was bad,
but because the legal chain of custody was broken or so weak as to be
unreliable.  that being the case I never would have gotten to the point that
I could consider the scientific evidence.  I don't know the procedural
setting in the Dow case to know how the evidence was presented and what
weight might be assigned to it.