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Re: Fighting Creationism[long]

In a message dated 96-02-28 13:17:51 EST, GROS4891@ADC.MtRoyal.AB.CA (GROSS
CORY WALTER) writes:

>        Most of the ideas contained herein are inspired by the book 
>_Is God A Creationist?:The Religious Case Against Creation-Science_. 
>This book should be required reading by anyone who wants to jump into 
>the debate. I found out many interesting things, including how the 
>Roman Catholic church has officially denounced creationism, and that 
>in the Arkansas "equal time" trial, the main front against it was 
>religious. It would seem that creationism is further from the 
>religious establishment than it is from the scientific. This book 
>also gave me a new understanding about what the debate is really 
>about...not creation vs. evolution but faith vs. the scientific 

I as have written here in the past, the niceties of intellectual debate are
completely beyond the creationists. In the trenches, the issues are not
"creation vs. evolution" or "faith vs. the scientific method"; the issues are
of political power and control. Ferreting out weaknesses in the theory of
evolution that can be held up to the gullible public, and pounding the Bible
to ensnare the faithful, are the methods the hard-core creationists are using
in their struggle for power. Should they somehow attain a measure of
political power, the creationists' goal would be the same as the goal of any
other power-hungry, malevolent, corrupt, and ambitious political group: use
the tax base for their personal aggrandizement and the enrichment of
themselves and their cronies. Debate the creationists all you want, by all
means, but just keep in mind where they're really coming from. This is why
your debates will seldom, if ever, succeed.