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Tiger Publications, an entrepreneurial publishing company in business for
nearly 15 years, announced on February 28th that it was launching a new
bimonthly newsletter to be titled DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES. This newsletter
will carry the latest news on dinosaurs (and other creatures of the
Mesozoic Age), including new finds, species, techniques, theories, and
artwork. DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES will become the long-wanted "single source
for everything new about dinosaurs" according to Publisher Leanna Cole.
The company is seeking writers for the new publication; see below.

DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES will be bimonthly, with six 16-page issues per year.
"We plan to expand the number of pages at some point," Ms Cole said,
"depending on circulation and the material available for publication." The
majority of each issue, about 12 pages, will be dedicated to one-page and
two-page articles about new species and new theories. About two pages will
be dedicated to shorter articles (one or two paragraphs), allowing broader
coverage, announcements of soon-to-be-published papers, summaries of
papers there was not room to publish, or minor discoveries. Another page
will be reserved for even shorter items (one or two sentences each)
greatly expanding the subjects covered in a given issue without taking the
focus away from major articles on new dinosaurs. The final page of each
issue will be used for a number of regular departments, including a
calendar of dinosaur events (museum exhibits, rock and fossil shows,
television specials), book reviews, announcements and reviews of other
dinosaur products, and a list of interesting dinosaur sites and pages on
the Internet. Some space will be set aside for advertising selected
dinosaur-related products. Advertising for the newsletter is being placed
now to attract a broad audience as quickly as possible.

DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES will be "hard science, but not hard to read"
according to Stephen V Cole, editor of another newsletter published by
Tiger Publications, who helped define the format for the new journal. "We
want articles that PhD's in Paleontology can respect and find useful, but
we want them written in a way that dinosaur fans can read them without
consulting a dictionary every other sentence." The primary means of
achieving this goal, Mr Cole explained, will be to include translations of
many of the hard science terms directly into the articles. The more common
scientific terms would be handled in a brief glossary in each issue to
avoid cluttering the articles with translations. DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES will
begin by publishing summaries of dinosaur articles and papers published in
the many "partly-dinosaur paleontological journals" around the world, but
expects to quickly recruit many actual scientists to write their own
summaries of their own major papers and articles. "If a professor is going
to write 23 pages of detailed bone descriptions for a professional journal
and get paid little more than glory for his efforts, he can take a couple
of hours to write up a one-page summary for us and get a check for it."
Articles should be written in an interesting and upbeat style designed to
hold the interest of non-professionals while not insulting the
intelligence of readers who hold degrees in paleontology.
Tiger Publications is willing to work with "real scientists who do not
consider themselves to be real writers".

The first issue of DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES is expected this summer. "We have
everything on line," Publisher Leanna Cole said, "the printer, the post
office, advertising, mailing lists, credit card orders, even some
advertisers and a few subscribers. What we lack, and what we need to hear
from right now, are authors interested in writing for the new dinosaur
newsletter. Payment rates have been set at $50 per published page of text
($2.50 per column inch on a two-column format), which will work out to
about three-and-a-half cents per word. Tiger Publications is also looking
for artists and will consider photographs or art submitted along with
articles. We are particularly interested in finding a couple of qualified
(grad student or PhD) staff writers who can handle summary article
assignments so we are not dependent on the whim of fate to determine what
articles are available to be published." The company is also considering
the idea of hiring, for a nominal fee, a PhD scientist to conduct a
"review" of articles and help avoid articles that sound good but are based
on incomplete research or misinterpreted data. "We won't have a 'peer
review bureaucracy' that slows down the flow of news, but we don't want to
be printing nonsense either", she explained.

Interested writers can contact DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES at:
Tiger Publications, PO Box 8759, Amarillo TX 79114 [806-655-2009]
or you can Email us at TIGER$@genie.com or STEVE.COLE@genie.com .
Please include complete name, address (including Email and telephone),
professional credentials, what journals you have access to and could do
summaries from, and if possible a sample of your dinosaur-related writing.