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Re: Sharovipteryx

> What is the current taxonomic status of _Sharovipteryx_?  Having been out 
> of the loop for a while, I dimly recall (probably inaccurately) that it 
> was regarded as a pseudosuchian (back while it was still called 
> _Podopteryx_).  Is this still the accepted classification, or has it been 
> changed?  (I seem to recall a passing mention of _Sharovipteryx_ as being 
> related to pterosaurs...)

I read somewhere that _Sharovipteryx_ is a member of the 
Prolacertiformes i.e. a diapsid and close relative of the prolacertids 
and tanystropheids.  I can't remember the author or the source 
(sorry!).  I guess the pterosaur theory is passe... (at least 
according to this study).