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Re: The Mysterious Origins of Man

>I don't know how many of these letters we want to post here, but I submit 
>this on the chance it will give people here more ideas on what to say to 
>NBC concerning "The Mysterious Origins of Man."

A few helpful hints...

If one is composing a letter to any bigwig (whether congressman,
television executive, or whatever), it is usually more effective to
come from a position of objection, but with respect.  Consider how we
react to the rebuttles we get from the posts we put on the dino-list:
we are less sympathetic to the other person's point of view if their
reply is filled with personal attacks.  At the same time, we tend to
listen to the comments made with professionalism.  Any letter placed
to an organization should have the same professionalism.

Also, since any major organization is not run by one person, but by an
entire group of people, it is often better to address those people by
the organiztional name, leaving out "you" as much as possible (this
can be ignored if the letter is meant for one person's eyes only).

My point is that if we really want to see NBC come clean on their
rather poor choices in programming, we should try to be as calm about
it as possible.

Good luck to all those who are composing letters of their own!


"Don't Panic."