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NBC Programming Horrors

Hi, everyone - I just rejoined this list just to see if everyone was as 
pissed as I was at the Mysterious Origins/Crackpots and Liars program on 
NBC Sunday night.  I was very pleased to see that people were writing to 
NBC.  I noticed lots of snail mail and  e-mail addresses on the list - 
write to them all.  It is not too late to keep protesting this show 
loudly, and to as many people as you can.  I disagree with the people 
who said its no big deal.  We don't have many such grand opportunities 
to speak out in the name of science.  Lets grab at this one.   They had 
another bible-based program on tonight, something about prophecies from 
the bible.  I just wanted to ask again that anybody who has not written 
or called NBC, please do so now!  Thanks!!!

Debbie Schneider