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Re: Segnosaurs

In a message dated 96-02-28 11:16:54 EST, you write:

>While on the subject of segnosaurians - WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY?  Since 
>their discovery (what - ?twenty years ago) they've been regarded as 
>(1) aberrant theropods, (2) relicts of a prosauropod-ornithischian 
>transition, (3) saurischians close to sauropodomorphs.  Now, as I 
>understand it, segnosaurians are regarded as advanced coelurosaurians,

They are regarded by SOME as coelurians

>with even a few bird-like characters found in the braincase.

What?  You know of a study on segnosaur brains?  Last I heard, no one had
done anything on segnosaur brains.  I hope you are not confusing this with my
suggestion that segnosaur brains be studied to see if the V1 nerve is in the
place that it is in birds and arctometatarsalians, that would prove that they
were indeed bullatosaurs.

>What's the consensus on the Segnosauria?  (Is there one??)


>These critters fascinate me.

They fascinate everyone, but clearly, there are too too many features that
segnosaurs possess that are also possessed by prosauropods, and too too many
features they possess that are also possessed by coelurians to really make
any definate conclusions, though I side for the prosauropod end myself.  I am
serious, I tried to construct a cladogram using all of Paul's; Russel &
Dong's; and some of my own characters, but I found it a waste of time because
either way it goes there are about 50 synapomorphies and 50 convergent

Peter BUchholz