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Re: segnosaurs

In a message dated 96-02-29 11:33:08 EST, egood@ALPHA2.CURTIN.EDU.AU writes:

>       I find it hard to imagine dinosaurs as large as the segnosaurs 
>existing on insects. Unless of course they were as big as Meganeura was!
>Most insectivrous creatures today are small, with the exceptions of the 
>aardvark, and the giant anteater.

Nessov only had the _smaller_ segnosaurs (known only from fragmentary
material from the Lower Cretaceous and, perhaps, footprints from the Late
Jutrassic; none named) up in the trees eating wasp's nests. The larger forms
(which are known from better material, and include _Alxasaurus_,
_Segnosaurus_, _Erlikosaurus_, _Enigmosaurus_, _Nanshiungosaurus_, and
_Therizinosaurus_), he said, were terrestrial rather than arboreal--like
megatheres vis a vis tree sloths.