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Re: segnosaurs

 >      I find it hard to imagine dinosaurs as large as the segnosaurs 
 > existing on insects. ...
 > Most insectivrous creatures today are small, with the exceptions of the 
 > aardvark, and the giant anteater.

It is interesting to note that these, the largest modern insectivores,
are slow-moving, and specialize in insect that can be found in large
concentrations (eusocial ones, that is).

Of course the suggestion that the segnosaurs may have been insectivores
comes from the general similarity of the Therizinosaurus claws to those
of anteaters - which it uses to open termite mounds and ant hills.

Still, an anteater the size of Therizinosaurus rather boggles the mind.
Those ants must sure have been large :-)

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