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Looks like we're back in familiar territory people - not long before someone
launches into an 'Alxasaur? Oviratorosaur? Since when?' thread (guilty party?).

With regard to speculation on the diet of these dinosaurs, ascribing an
insectivorous diet when the animals have edentate-type claws is probably missing
the point when edentates that hang around trees (the sloths - NPI) are
herbivorous. This is entirely compatible, however, with Nessov's notions of
initial insectivory (and, dare I say, fits in nicely with a certain hypothesis
of dinosaurian evolution [one that ain't 'alf badd]). It is also interesting
that this hypothetical situation represents the reverse of what is supposed to
have happened in pangolin evolution - they also have recurved claws for climbing
(and, of course, were also figured by Rozhdestvensky). 

One question that arises, however, is 'Are segnosaur claws like those of
megatheres?'. Though I've seen a fair few megathere claws, I'm none too sure
here, but my recollection is that they are far more hook-like than those of
_Segnosaurus_ et al. Though this certainly doesn't rule out the analogy, it has
opened different interpretations for others. Uncle Bob, for example, insists
that segnosaurs have ideal digging claws - long and straight, like those of a
badger, he says. Somehow I just can't imagine a 2 ton dinosaur merrily
tunnelling its way beneath the Cretaceous topsoil.

"If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're
gonna see some serious -stuff-"  (BBC edit)
"Yippee aye ay -kimo savy-"  (classic BBC edit)