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On Sun, 7 Jan 1996, MacVinnie wrote:

> me again...
> sorry to bother anyone, but here in my hand I am holding an article from our 
> local paper.  It shows a picture of a sauropod with very few bones.  
> Underneath this picture in italics is the name Giganotosaurus carolinii.  
> I've missed something here.  Can anyone send me some information regarding 
> this critter?  Most of my information comes from a local university, but as 
> I said before Ontario is not known for it's dinosaur knowledge!  
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I'm sure you'll get lots of responses; _Giganotosaurus_ has been a 
mainstay around here recently.  One thing--_Giganotosaurus_ is a 
theropod, related to _Allosaurus_, not a sauropod.