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Re: Herrerasaurus

In a message dated 96-01-19 00:54:50 EST, martz@holly.ColoState.EDU (Jeffrey
Martz) writes:

>     Here it is at last.  The "ecology" and taxonomy will probably get 
>altered, but the first block of info and the publications is about as 
>complete as I could get.  I pity you having to type it in.

Very nice effort; Only 774 more genera to go. But _Herrerasaurus_ is one of
the easier ones. Wait until you get to _Ornithopsis_ or something like that!
But working for love you'll get sick of it long before you get there, believe
me. I have an encyclopedic file of dinosaurs (more detailed than what you
have here) that I started writing when I was involved with the Lessem/Glut
book (don't remind me), and it's a 1300-page document even though I managed
to write up only 10% of the genera. I still work on it from time to time, but
right now it's on the back burner pending my publishing _MM_ #2 third