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Cheap books


        I saw a recent posting on the sale rack at Border's bookstore. I have a 
tip for those who collect relatively recent books. I love the catalog for 
R. Hamilton out of Connecticut - BARGAIN BOOKS.  They have a HUGE selection of 
hardcovers and paperbacks at unbelievable prices. They have the catalog 
separated into catagories including Nature, Animals, Science (which contains a 
number of popular dinosaur books) along with about 30 others including 
children's books. I got a paperback copy of The Dinosauria for something like 
$38. It's worth taking a look if you like books of all kinds. Shipping for any 
size order is only $3.
        Write for a free catalog at:

        Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller
        Falls Village, CT 06031-5000