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cat phylogeny (sorry to get off topic)

On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, JCMcL wrote:

> On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, Peter Mark wrote:
> In modern felids there may be a taxonomic parallel - the use of a genus 
> Panthera for "big" or "roaring" cats, and Felis, for the rest (except 
> cheetahs, Acinonyx, and Lynx, the short-tailed cats).  People currently 
> try to differentiate on the basis 
> of whether "big" cats purr, or "small" cats "roar," and whether there are 
> fundamental difference in voicebox structure between the two, etc.  
> Have fun.

Fortunately there is also another classification, put together in large 
measure by R.I. Pocock, which contains about twenty genera.  These twenty 
genera are nicely split along the lines of the ACTUAL threefold split in 
feline evolution:  

the South American cats, the ocelot, margay, kodkod, and 
others (_Leopardus_), the mountain cat (_Oreailurus_), and the Pampas cat 

the housecat lineage, wildcats, domestic cats, jungle cat, sand cat, 
black-footed cat (all _Felis_) and Pallas' cat (_Felis_ or its own genus 

and all the other cats, including the big cats (_Panthera_), the clouded 
leopard (_Neofelis_), the marbled cat (_Pardofelis_), short-tailed cats 
(_Lynx_), mountain lion and onza (_Puma_), cheetah (_Acinonyx_), 
jaguarundi (_Herpailurus_), and several other less-well-known genera.

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