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Re[2]: Great White Shark hunting techniques


>Sauropods fed by reaching down with their long necks to the treetops 
>whilst floating above them.  At such times, large carnivorous dinosaurs 
>sometimes leaped into the air and punctured the giants with their 
>teeth, thus letting the amassed hydrogen out so that the sauropods 
>FWOOSHED about briefly like titanic balloons before settling to earth 
>to be devoured at last.  
The only two problems I see with this theory (!) is that the predator would then
have to trudge to where ever the dang sauropod hit ground, perhaps miles away, 
and after becoming tired because of running after it in multiple directions 
until it actually settled.

And  I'd hate to see a herd of, oh, say, Ultrasauros in a lightning storm
(perhaps you meant helium?)

-Betty Cunningham