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Re: Bit More On Raptor Red(Uh-Oh, Opinion)

    Good day,
        Well John, I must apologise for actually having my own 
opinion on this book. I didn't mean to have comments that don't fall 
in with all the blindingly rave reviews it seems to be getting.

        I do realize that this is FICTION and for that reason, I only 
talked about how the book was written and not the palaeontological 
information therein. I speak with the certainty of someone who could 
write an English paper on it (I only graduated high sc.this past 
summer, I'm still working it out of my system:-)). As a work of 
FICTION, it is open to critiquing; and I(me, myself, and...) 
personally thought that his style left somthing to be desired. I 
imagine that there are those of you who wouldn't agree with my 
opinion that Anne Rice is the best writer out there and you would be 
well within your right to think that. If we are to look at _Raptor 
Red_ as _The Dinosaur Heresies_ with a plot and a cast, then we 
bother with it any more; but if it is to be considered a "real" 
work of FICTION, then it is open to debate about how good it is.

        So, should we stop trying to write dinosaur-point-of-view 
stories? No. I never said that. All I said was that I didn't think 
that Bakker was the best at it. There's this one story in particular 
in the anthology _Dinosaur Fantastic_ called _After The Comet_(I 
think) that I thought was rather good. It only used latin names once 
or twice and had little in the way of metaphor or any other of Bob's 
tools. Your only clues to the time frame was the title, fauna, and 
characteristic bad weather. The animals also acted in our closest 
approximation to the way real animals did/do think and act; they 
weren't scaley people.

        And by the way, my position isn't loftey. I'm just a first 
year dino-nut who also writes fiction and had on hell of an English 

Cory Gross

"It's not a matter of there not being enough jobs in the field,
 it's just getting the ones that are already around."