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Re: Bit More On Raptor Red(Uh-Oh, Opinion)

. I 
>imagine that there are those of you who wouldn't agree with my 
>opinion that Anne Rice is the best writer out there

If she ever publishes "Interview with the Utahraptor" we'd have a basis for
comparison.  So far I have found both authors' fiction pretty much
unreadable (in quick attempts  to get past p. 1)....

>        So, should we stop trying to write dinosaur-point-of-view 
>stories? No. I never said that. All I said was that I didn't think 
>that Bakker was the best at it. 

Does anyone out there remember a quite remarkable (well, so it seemed to me
as a tender youth a few centuries ago) dino novel called "The Greatest
Adventure" by John Taine (=Dr Eric Temple Bell)?  As I recall it involved
the invention of a machine that could (hold on to your hats, folks) "play
back" light that had impinged on rock samples as though the rocks were video
cameras!  Once the gizmo is set up with some Mesozoic rocks we are treated,
through the rest of the book, to the dino story the machine reveals.  As I
recall, if you could swallow the premise it was a pretty good read.  Well, I
was younger then....
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