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Re: Stego plates

In a message dated 96-01-28 15:19:56 EST, JohnE37179 writes:

<< The temperature regulation aspect of the plates is probably much more of a
radiative reather than convective/conductive system.  Studies done by the Air
Force in the sixties and seventies for temperature regulation of spacesuits
and space vehicles studies temperature regulation in reptiles and insects.
 It was found that the most effective means for lizards involved body
orientation to the sun.  The radiation (energy capture or radiation)
input/output ration by orienting the plates 90 degrees to or parallel to the
direction of the heat source (the sun) would be a much more efficient means
inputting energy or radiating excess energy than trying to orient them to any
prevailing breeze. >>

Perhaps so, but the plates worked quite well as a forced-air cooling system
in the experiments by Farlow et al. (1976).