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Ok Dinophiles, I have some questions:

What is the best reference for Anatotitan? Is this now the correct name for
"Anatosaurus?"? While chasing references, what is the best reference on

Now for something a little trickier. You will need you copy of the
Dinosauria in front of you. On page 118 it clearly states that Ornithomimus
is found in the Hell Creek of Montana and a little further on both
Ornithomimus and Struthiomimus are recorded from the Hell Creek of Montana.
Now turn to P226. There is no record of any ornithomimosaurs from the Hell
Creek of anywhere. I suspect that one of the nomina dubia at the bottom of
the page is responsible for this. Does anyone have any comment and
(hopefully) a reference for ornithomimosaurs in Hell Creek?

Cheers, Paul