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Re: Questions

From: pwillis@ozemail.com.au (Paul Willis)

 > Ok Dinophiles, I have some questions:
 > What is the best reference for Anatotitan? Is this now the correct
 > name for "Anatosaurus?"?


Most of the species of _Anatosaurus_ have been moved to _Edmontosaurus_,
but ONE unusual and distinctive species has been made the type of
the genus _Anatotitan_. (That is _Anaotsaurus copei_ was moved to
_Anatotitan copei_ instead of to _Edmontosaurus_ like the other

Thus, formally _Anatosaurus_ is now a junior synonym of _Edmontosaurus_,
and _Antotitan_ is a NEw genus.

Now, it is true that the most common pictures and models of _Anatosaurus_
were of the species that has become _Anatotitan_. (It has a much flatter
snout than any other species of hadrosaur).

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