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Re: Hell Creek ornithomimids

>Now for something a little trickier. You will need you copy of the
>Dinosauria in front of you. On page 118 it clearly states that Ornithomimus
>is found in the Hell Creek of Montana and a little further on both
>Ornithomimus and Struthiomimus are recorded from the Hell Creek of Montana.
>Now turn to P226. There is no record of any ornithomimosaurs from the Hell
>Creek of anywhere. I suspect that one of the nomina dubia at the bottom of
>the page is responsible for this. Does anyone have any comment and
>(hopefully) a reference for ornithomimosaurs in Hell Creek?

Funny you should ask that; I've been unpacking (from our recent move) our
Hell Creek collections lately, and I've noticed that we have a cornucopia
of ornithomimid remains, mostly scattered phalanges of indeterminate
taxonomic affinities. As far as a reference goes, I'm not sure, but at
least here at the UCMP we have evidence of many ornithomimids in the Hell

--John R. Hutchinson