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[That was about the lists' move.  I edited out the headers indicating
 that Betty first sent this to the old address.  Sorry, about that,
 Betty.  -- MR ]

Greg Paul wrote:

>I had hoped that Gakken would give me info on how you can get The
>Complete Illustrated Guide to Dinosaur Skeletons I authored and illustrated, 
>it seems they do not have a means of distributing it through normal
>channels in the US. I have heard that it can be found in Japanese language book
>stores here in the states. Otherwise, try writing Gakken, maybe a large amount
>of interest will get them to try to do something about the situation.

>Masaaki Inoue
>GAKKEN MOOK                          Book code
>40-5, 4Chome                         ISBN4-05-400656-6
>Kami-ikedai                            CO645 P3000E
>Ohtaku                                     168789
>Yokyo 145

the book is $44.50 in US Dollars and was first released in April.
     I have found an American store that imports Japanese titles, that is
happy to place special phone orders for Japanese-only books (provided you
have the correct ISBN number), and is also happy to ship the book to you
once they recieve it.  They also have similar stores (a franchise?) in Wyoming  
adn New 
      They can order this title by aircargo (takes about a month for the
order and costs more like $80.00 all told for the book and shipping fees)
or seacargo (takes about a month and a half to two months) and comes with
their regular book shipments, so there is only the shipping fee to get
the book to you, plus a $1 handling fee-plus the cost of the book)

Kinokuniya Bookstore
     Japan Center, Kinokuniya Building
     1581 Webster Street
      San Francisco, Cal
     (415) 567-7625