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Re: predators and prey

From: walti@AZStarNet.com (William Altimari)

 > Deer in North America are so populous not because their predators
 > have been eliminated, because other than wolves they have not been
 > eliminated,...  Rather, deer are so numerous because there is so
 > much for them to eat.  They are limited by their resources

To expand on this point:

The two common species of deer in NA are what are called "forest edge"
and brushland species.  That is they preferentially feed in the brush
and thicket at the border between forests and more open habitats
(prairies, rivers and so on), or in extended brushy habitats like

Guess what one habitat our agricultural practices has greatly increased?
Yep, that's right - forest edge.

Ergo, the current abundance of deer is largely due to our cutting
down alot of forest and our occasional abandonement of an old field.

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