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Re: predators and prey [administrivia from MR and a joke]

[One of the features of the newer version of listproc is a limit to
 the number of messages that can go out on a single day.  The number
 is configurable, so it can be changed, but currently it is set at 50
 for this list. Personally I think that should be sufficient, but we
 did hit the limit yesterday.  Subsequent messages were held until
 today.  Please keep the message limit in mind when deciding whether
 or not you want to send a message to the list.  Thanks, -- MR
 P.S. I'm going out of town for a few days, so Chris Nedin will be
 moderating.  However, another feature of the newer listproc is that
 it allows more than one moderator.  If Chris approves John's (or
 subsequent) messages before he sees that I've already forwarded it
 (them) along, I suspect you'll get an extra copy.  Please bear with
 us. ]

The increase in deer is due to the fact that they can now graze with impunity
in my garden.... along with the other domestic animals in Wisconsin.

John Ellingson