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Re: hunting (not by humans...)

On Sat, 6 Jul 1996, Bonnie Blackwell, x 3332 wrote:
> More on crow hunting.
> Last night driving home from work i happened to see 4 crows surrounding
> a rabbit which was madly running from one to another trying to get out
> of the circle that the crows had formed.  the poor rabbit kept making
> dashes to get between the crows, but they kept moving by jumping or
> a short flight with wings widespread to keep the rabbit running.
> i did not see the end of the fight, but the poor rabbit was kept
> in the circle for several minutes and away from the bushes where
> it obviously wanted to be!
This could well have been a form of play. Earlier this spring I watched a
crow chase the heck out of a squirrel. They went through three trees
and then the squirrel got stupid and went to the ground. They disappeared
behind a building. I watched for a good five minutes; at one point
another crow joined in for about 20 to 30 seconds.

Which brings the question to my mind of whether or not dinos could've
exhibited play behavior.

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