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Re: hunting (not by humans...)

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<< More on crow hunting.
 Last night driving home from work i happened to see 4 crows surrounding
 a rabbit which was madly running from one to another trying to get out
 of the circle that the crows had formed.  the poor rabbit kept making
 dashes to get between the crows, but they kept moving by jumping or
 a short flight with wings widespread to keep the rabbit running.
 i did not see the end of the fight, but the poor rabbit was kept
 in the circle for several minutes and away from the bushes where
 it obviously wanted to be! >>

On a more humerus note ;-)

One Sunday morning I was sitting on the porch of my apartment watching
several crows and a rabbit milling around in the grass feeding. This went on
for a few minutes when on of the crows walked around to the rear of the
rabbit an promply pecked him in the ass! The rabbit jumped about three feet
straight up in the air. After that, they all went back to their own buisness
but the rabbit never let the crows out of his sight. I laughed sso hard that
I woke my wife. She of course did not believe me...