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Thomas R. Lipka wrote:

> Interesting thought!  Eventhough I accept the notion of endothermic or
> homeothermic dinosaurs and their relationship to both Reptilia  and Aves, I
> find it diifficult to think that any dinosaur had the inclination or the
> ability to "play" in the sense that comes to mind. To me it seems that they

I'm still not convinced that play serves any purpose whatsoever.....I
can't see how it produces "better" hunters, or more potetnial
responses (animals in the wild "play" within a defined series of

I think it's a case of us mammals saying we're better 'cos we do it,
we can't explain it. It seems very much a case of circular reasoning;
complex brain shows "play" behaviour, therefore "play" behaviour is
evidence of superiority. If "play" _does_ equate to brain size, and
dinos didn't, why then, no one needed to play for many many millions
of years. So does "play" have a value, or could it be that complex
brains need to "de-stress" themselves through some self-serving

PS I saw something that surprised me the other day: sparrows getting
under the bonnet (hood) of a car to peck insects from the radiator the
instant the car pulled up.